Why It Pays to Consult a Private Lawyer to Reduce Your DUI Charges

After a night of drinking, you hoped into your car feeling well enough to drive home. As you made your way back, you saw the red and blue lights blaring in your rear view mirror. Your evening may have ended something like this: the arresting officer smelled the alcohol; he issued you a breathalyzer test; and followed it up by placing you in handcuffs and hauling you off to jail. After sobering up, you heard about the legal proceedings that will take place as well as the DMV sanctions that may occur.

One small mistake from a night of drinking could cost you not just your license, but your career, future job opportunities and even a chance at securing federal loans. The consequences of a DUI are severe, but lawyers are ready to help save your license, your current job and even your future.

Why Hire a Private DUI Attorney

Regardless if it is your first offense or not, you will need an attorney. If you cannot hire an attorney, the state will issue you a court-appointed counselor to represent your case. Of course, a court-appointed attorney must dedicate time equally to other clients, spending less time with your case than you may desire. In addition, the lawyer who is appointed to your case may not be a specialist in DUI laws, but instead, he may know general information about the offense. If you can, you want to hire a DUI defense attorney to help represent your case to have a better opportunity at reducing the charges.

Paying for Results

A private lawyer will get you results. Say for example you took a bit of cough medicine before you started drinking. An attorney may hire experts to testify on your behalf that the small amount of medicine you ingested could have resulted in the breathalyzer results turning up higher than normal. An attorney can also find out that the breathalyzer used during your assert may not have been serviced properly, causing the device to send off higher readings than normal. Small little pieces of evidence your private attorney can find could mean the difference between getting charges reduced to a case thrown out completely.

Of course, all attorneys will have different methods for resolving cases, but all private lawyers will dedicated more time and resources to your problem. Just remember, when you are out searching for legal help, it is often best to stay within county lines to find the right attorney.  Never hire an attorney outside county lines as this may mean the difference between a dismissed case and a suspended license with a year of probation.