How Common Is Dental Implant Nerve Injury?

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Dental Implant Nerve Injury cases have become much more common across America. They can include everything from jaw drilling accidents to incorrectly administering pain killing drugs. The accusation of malpractice is made when a patient believes that the accident occurred as a result of negligence by the dentist or his staff.

For those who’ve been injured by a careless dentist, they may be wondering what threshold must be met when claiming malpractice. The injury should be such as that you might expect a lengthy or expensive recovery. Dental malpractice can happen to anyone and the causes can vary but dental implant nerve injury is a top contender.

The latest technology makes these dental procedures easier and many patients need to have this work done. If you’ve lost teeth over the years, then you might be thinking about getting dental implants. This great need for dental implants has caused too many unqualified dentists to begin offering this procedure. This phenomenon has also occurred when it comes to deep scale cleaning. Only highly skilled dentists should do this, but nowadays almost all dentists claim to be able to do these.

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