What Are REAL IDs Needed for And What Do They Look Like

Article submitted by Delta Driving School

A REAL ID, according to the Homeland Security, is the only form of ID acceptable for “official purposes”. This can include everything from traveling on commercial airplanes, entering certain federal buildings such as military bases, entering nuclear power plants, and everything else that is controlled by federal laws. Buying any firearms also requires a REAL ID, but this is no surprise considering that the REAL ID Act was enacted as a way of trying to limit terrorism.

The REAL ID Act is what is used as the measuring stick to determine whether an ID is a REAL ID or not and States that meet these standards have a driver’s license that is considered a REAL ID. All REAL IDs contain certain information and have a certain look to them. They include: your full name, signature, date of birth, gender, a photo of you, your main address, your description, your driver’s license number, a barcode, and some holographic features to make it as hard as possible to duplicate.

In many of the States that do have REAL ID driver’s licenses this fact is marked by the presence of a gold star near the top right corner or a gold circle with a white star in its center. A few states use other things like a black star. There are a few States which have not fully transitioned and do not yet count that also have these marking though, so it is best to verify for your State.

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