USA Immigration & USA Visas

In order to qualify for USA immigration, there is an involved and thorough process to go through. That being said, once the process is completed and legally verified, those who survive the process can proudly call themselves American citizens; in a very real sense! However, in order to qualify to be an American citizen who was not born in the US or met other methods of citizenship, attaining one of the select few US green cards available is extremely difficult. While there are some lotteries involved, the general way to acquire such documentation is to work through your country’s ambassador or embassy to the United States. Another way to acquire a green card is via strong family ties with a US citizen or with steady, permanent, and substantial employment in the US.

When permanent citizenship is not desired, visas provide another legal way to stay in the United States for a substantial period of time. These are given are for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is for students who are planning on studying at universities or colleges in the US. Prospective students looking for USA visas UK must prove to a US consulate that they are financially viable to pay for their educations and cannot be speculative; or up in the air at the time of applying. Another important facet of successfully navigating this process is to prove strong family ties in one’s home country; minimizing the risk of the student illegally overstaying their USA visas.