The Value of Having Radar Enforced Speed Limit Signs

Everyone drives down a busy street, highway, or interstate and sees radar enforced speed limit signs. This is especially true for local streets and school zones, areas where the importance of safety is at a premium. Sometimes these signs may even have an ominous-sounding “Speed Limit Enforced By Aircraft” written on it.

Most of the time these signs are just used to prompt drivers to slow down and hopefully make them think about safety before speed. Sometimes the signs will have a visual aid attached to them that measures and displays the speed a driver is going in real time. If you are going over the speed limit it will flash at the driver encouraging him or her to slow down their vehicle. The success rate of these signs has been tested with successful results.

The effectiveness of these speed guns is very effective. They prompt drivers into slowing down 35% to 70% of the time. The tests also show that a reduced speed of 7%-17% is made when the flashing radars are displayed on streets, and increase compliance of the speed limit 40 to 60%. They are a very effective tool for safety on the roadways and to save valuable resources for law enforcement and emergency services by preventing car wrecks.

These signs can cost between $4,000 and $5,000, and have the capability to be solar powered. Radars that can be attached to existing signposts cost around $2,700.

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