The Consequences of Poor Employee Screening

By Tenant Screening Services, LLC1

No matter what industry your company works in, what it does, how much it makes, etc. if you hire employees, it should go without saying that you also need to screen them before allowing them onsite or to being work for you in any way.

Some people tend to think this is a bit dramatic. Surely if someone has decades of experience and a perfect resume, they can’t be so bad, right? Wouldn’t background checks just become a waste of time.

Right, but what if their last employer didn’t conduct employment screening either? What if they got in trouble with the law during a hiatus or just before they left? What if it’s the reason they were actually let go?

Whatever the case, the point is that you can’t simply hope for the best when it comes to something this serious. Instead, you absolutely must take steps to ensure that the person you’re hiring won’t pose any threat to you, your employees or your customers.

Keep in mind that if something was to go wrong because, say, you hired someone with a criminal, past, your company could be held accountable. This is simply not a risk you should be taking with your organization, much less with human lives.


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