Should I Pay Mugshot Websites to Remove my Mugshot?

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remove mugsotsLike RipOffReport, mugshot websites thrive on people who make mistakes. Anonymous posters are able to populate these databases with criminal records and embarrassing photos that might cost someone a job, or a place to live. When this happens, it’s tempting to feel at their mercy. They want you to pay for their removal. The trouble is that you’re applying a bandage to a serious wound. Read on to learn more about the best course of action you have to get your mugshot removed from the Web.

Why Paying Doesn’t Work

Mugshot removal websites have two methods of generating income. The first is through pageviews fueled by gossip and prying eyes wanting to see your mugshots. These people bring ad revenue to the webmasters who make money off of your suffering. The second method is through offering mugshot deletion for a fee.

This is a dangerous route to travel. You typically have no guarantees that a mugshot will stay removed once the site deletes it. Someone else could submit the mugshot anonymously to the website, or to one of hundreds of others just like it.

Your Best Course of Action

The true solution is to delete it from the Internet entirely, but that’s not always so simple. There are legal methods that can work, but fighting mugshot removal is expensive to you. Your best course of action is total removal from the website and monitoring around the clock. That’s not easy for you to achieve on your own, but you can hire a reputation management company to help you.

Mugshots and criminal records can damage your reputation if they are made public. You should not have to lose a job, or a job interview, because of your past. Working with qualified mugshot removal experts who can help monitor the Web for any recurrence of your mugshot is best. It’s like having insurance and a squad of PR people standing by to watch for any potential problems you might miss. The Web is a vast place, the most prominent mugshot directory might not be the only place your criminal record has been posted. Without protection, you might miss out on these smaller venues that still have potential to damage you. offers reputation management services and mugshot removal services. Contact them today to see how they can help you.