Reasons to conduct background checks

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

There is a process that both tenants follow when considering a new tenant. In the same way, employers follow a process when hiring. Both of the processes need to include some form of background check. It could be just a criminal background check. Here are a few reasons why:


The primary reason anyone runs a background criminal check is to flag any history in the past that will impact any future place in the organization. From a look at their history, you can see if they can be trustworthy. The report is additional information an employer needs to make an educated decision.


In some cases, the report will show that the person in question is not suitable for this specific position. In others, it will show that their criminal record has no relevance to the job at hand. For example, someone with a history of driving and traffic violations should not get a job as a driver.

Complete Picture

A background check will also give you the full picture of the person is front of you. Often, people put forward a façade. A background check will allow you to cut past everything and allow you to judge for yourself.


When looking at a potential new tenant, a look at their background will help ensure that they pose no dangers to yourself or other tenants and neighbors.


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