Oklahoma passes tougher Lemon Law requirements

Thanks to a new law that went into effect on Nov. 1, new car owners in Oklahoma will have more options when dealing with defective automobiles. According to an editorial by State Representative George Faught in the Muskogee Daily Phoenix, Oklahoma’s new law brings the state in line with other, more stringent requirements such as the California Lemon Law.

Faught said that the new law is designed to remove the power from automobile manufacturers who could use high-powered Lemon Law lawyers from Southern California to confuse and overwhelm the average consumer.

“Consumers will find themselves on equal ground with manufacturers when deciding on how to fix a lemon vehicle,” he said. “Before this law was enacted, the manufacturer called all the shots, often leaving the buyer feeling helpless with a long frustrating process that could take months to resolve.”

Much like the Lemon Law in California, the new Oklahoma law gives consumers a written notice of their rights. The new law also clears up confusion about “reasonable usage” fees that manufacturers often tried to pin on consumers during the Lemon Law process.