How to Tell if You Need a Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer

So you’ve been in an accident – now what?  What happens next?  Do you need a lawyer to fight on your behalf?

Here’s how to tell if a Michigan personal injury attorney can help you:

1.        If you’re injured

A Michigan auto accident attorney can help you recover money for your injuries.  At the time of the crash, your injuries may not have seemed that bad.  But then, you realized that the pain in your back makes it impossible to sit and work all day.  Or, that pain in your neck makes it impossible to go out fishing every weekend.  If you’ve gotten hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve a Michigan personal injury lawyer who can help you get some compensation for your pain and suffering.

2.        If you don’t understand what your insurance company is telling you

Whether you were at fault in the crash or not, your insurance company may make things difficult on you.  If it feels like you’re getting the run-around, you need a Michigan auto accident attorney who can work on your behalf – to make sure you get the insurance coverage you deserve.

3.        If you don’t know what to do next

An accident attorney in Michigan can help guide you through the intimidating process of a car accident’s aftermath.  After all, in many cases, the trauma of an accident doesn’t end when you leave the scene.  If you are scared or confused, a Michigan personal injury attorney can help you figure out what to do next.