How Can an IRS Attorney Benefit My Case?

An IRS attorney is a knowledgeable professional with an extensive amount of experience dealing with tax relief, including levies and appeals. While it is possible to fight a tax problem alone, it is highly recommended that one hires a lawyer if they are experiencing trouble with the IRS. The IRS investigation and appeals process can be confusing, and using an individual who understands the legal system surrounding income tax is crucial for minimizing damage. An IRS lawyer can determine if the IRS and state tax agencies have kept an accurate record of your taxes. Tax returns can be lost, filed improperly and even stolen. Regardless, if the IRS doesn’t receive a proper tax return, you will still be liable for it. The IRS can issue a tax lien or levy and seize your assets if you do not comply.

Hiring a tax relief attorney can help you remedy errors created during your tax return process. These errors include missing documents, payments applied to the wrong period, duplication or overstatement of income, incorrect penalties imposed, and unlawful IRS activity. You may expect a government entity to follow the law, but this is not always the case, and many taxpayers have found relief by bringing these abuses to justice.

A tax lawyer can fax a power of attorney to the IRS Central Authorization File Unit. This means all employees of the IRS must contact your lawyer, and you can expect to stop receiving harassing calls. The lawyer will pull all official IRS record transcripts to see what the IRS has send you. Wage and income records are also pulled. The IRS lawyer will ask for a deadline and follow the procedure of the federal or state tax service who questions your filing. You may set up a payment plan, offer in compromise, an extension, or qualification to be placed in an uncollectable status depending on what is uncovered by your lawyer.

If errors are found in your favor, additional services offered by IRS lawyers include appealing IRS collection actions, negotiating IRS payment plans, applying for an offer in compromise and resolving an account with a state tax agency. The IRS is chiefly working in the government’s best interest, so it is highly important that you hire someone to fight on your side. Get relief from levies and liens by hiring a tax lawyer today. Many lawyers offer free consultations to help you navigate the process and decide if their services are right for you.