Freelance Write-offs to Avoid a Tax Attorney

Years ago, everyone worked in an office and there was little need for a tax attorney because people were all working in a company. But now with a lot of people having their own businesses and working from home, tax attorneys.  Below are two things that freelancers can deduct when they are working from home and filing taxes.

Job hunting – Any kinds of payments that are made to access things like job boards, even if you don’t get a permanent job, are deductible.  This also goes for any money for joining bidding websites.  You will want to hold to your receipts for these kinds of expenses.  If they’re on the Internet, print the receipts out or save them in PDF files.

Fees from PayPal – Businesses can write off the fees for credit cards since they’re a cost associated with business. That is why the fees from PayPal can be written off when you’re getting paid through it.  It doesn’t matter the amount of business you’re doing.  The best way that you can document the fees is to wait until the year’s end and then print out the history of your account.

For those who are interested in learning more about tax law or something like the
IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program, you can search Google or check Wikipedia for more info.