Facts about the California Lemon Law and the disabled

Even if you win your California Lemon Law case, you might not receive 100 percent of the value of your car from the dealer or manufacturer. Why? It’s because an arbitrator might decide to apply a mileage offset in their ruling, giving you less than the full value of your new vehicle.

Lemon Law attorneys in California are familiar with the mileage offset but very few consumers are. The mileage offset takes into consideration how much mileage was on the car before the first attempt to repair the major problem was made.

The initial mileage driven is multiplied by the purchase price of the car and then divided by 120,000. This is defined as “use deduction.” This is the amount that can be subtracted from the total purchase price when determining the final amount to be paid after a mileage offset. If you are confused about the mileage offset, lemon law attorneys from San Diego to San Francisco can give you a free consultation through the California Lemon Law Center.