Covering For Project Managers Who Are Out On Disability

Construction claims management services are unavoidable in the construction industry. Construction projects should be devoid of delays, disputes, loss of resources, strained relationships, or anything that might lead to litigious and arbitral action among the parties involved. Claims originate when the parties involved are in disagreement, according to Lyle Charles.

The owner might file a claim whenever some part of the contract is not performed. For instance, the inability of a project manager to offer his/her services due to disability often leads to construction claims.

In the case of some illness or disability on the project manager’s side, the owner might be forced to file a claim against the contractor. In this case, the best thing the project manager or contractor can do is hire an attorney that offers claims management services. Inability to offer professional services is not a matter of personal liking. With all efforts to resolve claims arising from the failure of the project manager to provide his/her services, going for interim short term management services is the best thing one can do.

Thus, construction turnaround services go a long way in ensuring that the desired outcomes as envisaged in the contract are realized. In a case like this one, where the project manager is unable to work, millions can be lost when construction claims are mismanaged. The key is to get a win-win situation for all parties involved.