Common Construction Claims for Commercial Projects

Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Learn about the most common commercial construction claims.

construction-claimAny commercial construction project could use an experienced construction claims consultant. Someone to keep track of the work being done, review purchase orders, mind the scheduling and oversee the management. Without some oversight, the project is likely to derail in a costly manner. These are some of the most common methods construction disputes arise.

Scope Changes

Typically, during a scope change, the project managers or owners decide to alter the plans in some way. Usually, this is done to accommodate some other aspect of the project, occasionally it occurs after the owner decides that he or she wants something changed. Either way, it means back to the drawing board and construction claim analysis. It may also lead to increased work beyond the scope of the original contract.

Requests for Information

RFIs are fairly common, but some companies and organizations are more efficient at responding than others. If those responses take too long, that lack of information could stall the project. In that case, you would have to prove the delay occurred as a result of the company or organization taking too long to provide the information requested.


Contracts are the primary source for disputes, usually because of inexperience. Some contractors think it’s a good idea to tailor services to the customer, but that often leads to expenses getting well out of hand. Either utilize construction advisory services to assist in the planning phase, or be prepared when things go wrong. The customer might lose the documents, or the contract might be defective in some way. These disputes often go to mediation, and both parties usually walk away with amicable results.

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