When is it time to consult a divorce attorney?

Don’t wait until you and your spouse have separated to consult a divorce attorney. Legal advice will be helpful when you make the decision that you and your spouse can no longer live together, and that the marriage is unsustainable. Although this realization can come at any time in a relationship, it marks the beginning of the decision-making phase that requires careful planning and legal advice.

A divorce lawyer can help you prioritize marital issues to be resolved. These may differ for each couple, but conflicts often develop over division of marital assets and child custody or support. It is important to find an experienced child custody attorney who can advise you of legal rights and responsibilities regarding children’s well-being. Questions about visitation, holidays, birthdays, education, and health care can be answered to prepare you for divorce proceedings.

Getting divorced is never easy, especially when children are involved. However, a good family lawyer can make the process easier by providing information and guidance. Don’t wait for arguments to escalate with your spouse that may be branded on your children’s memories forever. Contact a divorce lawyer who is experienced in family law and can help you protect your children’s interests through the marital separation and divorce proceedings. Avoid making costly mistakes that could create problems for many years to come.