Selecting a construction expert witness

lylecharles7Written by Lyle Charles

Selecting a construction expert witness is an important decision, as it will have a sizable impact on your construction claim’s outcome. Your construction expert witness should be able to testify confidently with a vast knowledge on complex scientific or technical issues relating to construction and your specific project. A bad construction expert witness can confuse and cause a judge to rule against the party. Construction claims can include construction delay claims, issues in construction or design of the project, the use of faulty or unusable equipment etc. Whatever the type of your claim, here are some areas that will help you select a construction expert witness that will help your claim’s outcome.

Skills – Does the expert have skills in construction that is specific to your case.

Knowledge – Does he/she possess the required educational knowledge needed to make his/her opinion count in court.

Training – Is your expert well versed with changes in the specific industry.

Testifying experience- Has your expert witness testified before and what was the outcome.

Communications skills – Does your expert witness have the ability to speak on complex issues relating to the construction industry and your case specifically.

Is he/she readily available – Make sure you can reach your expert whenever you need to clarify issues about your case.

Style –Ask and gauge your experts work style. You should look for someone who is “hands on” and is detail oriented.

Before selecting your construction expert witness, it is best to interview a number of candidates from a variety of firms that offer construction advisory services.


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