How you can remove a Mugshot from Google

Submitted by Reputation Stars.

remove mugshots from google1Google is very good about serving accurate information to users. Too good, it seems. Mugshots can be a very thorny issue for some people. A minor offense might not jeopardize your career, but it can lead to public embarrassment among friends and colleagues. We were all young once, and all of us made mistakes. Most of us learned from those mistakes and there is no reason you need to continue suffering for something done years ago. If your mugshot has been posted to Google, there may be a way to help you.

Talk to the Source

The first step is to go directly to the website in question. Look for a contact form, an email address or anything else you can use to speak with someone directly. You can also try performing a WHOIS lookup, but you’re likely to find that this webmaster uses private hosting. If that is the case, you should not expect to receive a response. For all intents and purposes, the contact form is a decoration.

Do Not Pay

These types of websites usually try to funnel users into a payment situation, where you’re paying for the removal of your page. There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea:

  • Cost: these services are an expense you probably don’t need to pay.
  • Protection: you have no guarantees this content will stay off the Web for good. They may repost the removed content again in a few months or once they see that you paid have their buddy or sister companies post it on another site to extort more money from you.
  • Security: these services are essentially extorting money from you. Do you think they will use your credit card information responsibly if you pay them?

If you feel like you have no other option but to pay for removal, pay for something worth your money. Mugshot removal services by reputation management companies offer you a degree of protection that goes beyond a single incident. Search the specific name of your website, as some of these services can guarantee removal from specific domains, which will help better shield you from any long term consequences.

Article written by Reputation Stars, a reputation management company. If you are looking for a mugshots removal service check out the Reputation Stars website. They also provide other reputation monitoring services.