Entertainment Law: How to Compete and Become a Successful Lawyer

If you’re an inexperienced lawyer, it’s important to remember not to shoot for the moon right off the bat. In most cases, you’ll start with small clients that will be enough to pay the bills. However, with enough experience, you’ll be able to handle any type of client and eventually work your way up in the industry. Remember, experience is invaluable.

The First Steps

Most actors and actresses that are just starting will have a difficult time holding a full-time gig and will most likely have part-time jobs. They’ll also be faced with a variety of issues related to taxes, talent releases, and even union affiliation technicalities.

By investing ample time and energy in becoming competent within the entertainment industry, you’ll start gaining traction when it comes to your client base. Don’t forget, your potential clients will shop around and compare attorneys to find the best one on the market – for a reasonable price if they don’t have the money. Reputation is key to success. While you may want to take on the A-list celebs, note that working with small actors in the beginning and steering them into the right direction could help jumpstart your career rather quickly.

Opportunities Come to Those Who Seek It

While chasing after high-profile clients might seem like a lucrative opportunity, it’s also foolish if you’re just starting out. For one, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the experience to guide them and handle all of their issues and may even end up being dropped as a lawyer.

Don’t forget, there are always opportunities for you. However, it takes persistence, continuous networking, and a strong will to succeed. Take the time to meet with experienced attorneys and lawyers as they can guide you towards the right direction.

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