Before The Construction Claim: What to Do



Article written by Environmental News Online

Construction advisory services see hundreds of claims each year, and most of them are avoidable taking action on the construction site. Before you have to pursue a claim, make sure you put safety first and document everything you do. That said, claims are unavoidable in this line of work. Accidents and miscommunications happen constantly, so disputes are common. Before you file a claim, follow some of this

construction-claim-joistadvice to get off on the right start.

Consider the Costs

Before you file a claim, consider whether you’re going to lose more than you stand to recoup filing the claim. If you need to hire a construction expert witness to prove your case, or you need to stop work for a significant amount of time, the claim may not be worth it in the long run. The goal of filing a claim is to recoup your losses as quickly as possible so you can get back to work and finish the job. If that doesn’t happen, you’re not likely to have a good claim experience.

You might also find yourself dealing with a client that doesn’t have the money to pay a claim back. Maybe the client doesn’t have adequate project insurance, or the business is fledgling and not worth very much. Depending on those circumstances, it may be better to eat the loss.


Private mediation is an option when you can’t come to an agreement upfront to cover the costs. Mediation is typically quick, and a third party can help suggest an amicable resolution that both parties will find satisfactory.

Lyle Charles has been offering private mediation services, and claims management, for more than 40 years.