A Big Help

So it’s been a while since you’ve been outdoors. You’ve been locking yourself away in the office for more than you should for the past month, and even locking yourself away from your wife when you get at home. It’s really been a whirlwind of a year for you; first, you got that promotion you’d long been eyeing (Chief Executive Officer does have a nice ring to it), second, you had that raise you’d only been talking about (for the past year or so), and lastly, you’d finally saved enough so you can get those assets you were planning to get for your kids. A month ago, you thought, so far so good.

What caught you off guard was the amount of stress that it would come with. For the last few weeks, you’ve been meeting with your IRS tax lawyer who’s briefing you on the appropriate actions to be taken so that you can breeze through that IRS audit. The amount of detail these people provide is so much, too much for you to be thinking about. At the same time, your tax relief attorney has been communicating with you so that you can figure out how to reduce your tax debt (you make a mental note to go through some payment plans on Monday).

I guess you can say that with everything you’ve gotten over the year, it’s still worth it, especially with the kind of help you’re getting.